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I Hate Cancer… Let’s Stop It

I hate cancer.  I used to be scared of cancer.  Now, I just hate it.  I have seen numerous family and friends die at the hands of that wicked monster.  My first experience with cancer was with my grandmother.  I first learned of her skin cancer diagnosis while I was in college.  Since then, I’ve seen my aunt and father also pass, along with several family friends.  I truly hate cancer.

Why am I choosing to write about cancer now?  It has been several years since anyone close to me has died.  However, some dear friends of ours recently lost a very close friend of theirs to breast cancer.  I’ve been following the thoughtful, tear-jerking, sweet posts about this mother/wife/friend who succumbed to cancer.  What a great way to honor her through the many words about the significance of her life.  And it occurred to me that it is time to share a conviction I have, which I hope can also serve to honor the memory of anyone who has ever battled this disease.

Of course, we know the big “no-no’s” to prevent cancer:   Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Excessive exposure to the sun, excessive alcohol, improper colon health…  The news is full of stories of what to add or take away from our lives to “avoid cancer”.  We live in fear that we’ll “catch cancer”.  We gets tests and screenings to see if we have caught it yet.  We live with the thought that “if we are lucky” we might not ever get it.

Over the last 2 years, my family has been exposed to a new way – a new understanding – about how to avoid cancer.  And it has nothing to do with being scare of catching cancer.  It has EVERYTHING to do with changing the health of our body so that we become cancer killers!  If you want to read more about this, there is a great book called The Cancer Killers, by Ben Lerner, Sayer Ji, and others.  This book goes into great detail about how to turn your body into a fighting machine when it comes to cancer.

I’m not here to promote some idea that we can make our lives and health perfect by diet.  Not one bit.  But I do believe that while we are here, we have a responsibility (and a desire) to have the fullest life possible.  We have one life and one body.  Why not live it to the fullest and with the greatest health?  The highlights from the book, in case you don’t look at it, are that there are 5 essentials to killing cancer:

1. Healthy Mind – Learning, growing, being fed spiritually

2. Healthy Nerve Supply

3. Quality Nutrition

4. Exercise – The kind that maximizes oxygen and leans muscle

5. Minimize external toxins

My family and I are not doing this perfectly.  And I very well may be diagnosed with cancer one day.  If that day comes, I’ll have some soul-searching to do on how I will fight it –

Traditional treatment that very often kills the body slowly (Poison, Burn, or Cut)


Whole body restoration through natural means

These would be tough decisions indeed.  But for today, I’m going to focus on LIVING and building a healthy body.  Will you join me?