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My first blog post!

My first blog!  Sort of.  I’ve been writing some blogs, articles, etc. in a work capacity for some time now.  I’m also notorious for writing mile-long e-mails, “text mails” (long text messages), and making extremely long Facebook posts.   So, the idea that I would simply write something that people might come to and read it seems crazy to me.  And the idea that I might write something no one reads is terrifying.  But here I am nonetheless.

So, what will I write about?  I’ve thought about that a lot.  And I’ve decided I’ll simply write about life.  Sometimes that might be my family life, as I seek to live out my life as a man of faith in Jesus Christ, a husband and father.  Other times, my life as a friend, Sunday School teacher, and finally, in my profession, as a Microsoft Business Intelligence Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence architect and manager of a team of professional services consultants.

How often will I write?  Not sure.  Probably once every week or two.

For those that have been in this world for a while, I welcome any guidance and feedback!

So, here goes nothing.  Look out world!