A few things about Ken Raetz

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I am a man striving to know God’s heart and to fully understand and live in the grace of all that Christ did on the cross.  I am a happily married man of 18 years to my high school sweetheart Carol Brown Raetz.  We have 4 wonderful kids and a fun and busy life.  Oh… and I also architect and develop Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence applications as my other hobby – I get paid for that one.

I’m a “productivity improvement” nut.  I love Getting Things Done, using any tools I can to automate this type of stuff (my favorite is Evernote).  I’m also intrigued at the overlap of business and life.  I’ll attend a business seminar on being organized or leading others, and I’ll recognize all of the “patterns” that also apply to my family life as a husband and father.  Then, I’ll hear a sermon or a friend talking and recognize the application to my professional life.

I also am in pursuit of knowing Christ in the fullest way possible.  This quest includes daily recognition that I cannot do it on my own, I must die to self, and if my pursuit of the benefits of my walk with Christ ever exceeds my desire to simply know and be with Him, I’ve gone astray.  My desire is to merge the two so I can enjoy life to the fullest as I live in the fullness of Christ.

And that really is the point of this blog.  To simply share my thoughts, experiences, and sometimes questions about living in the tensions of life.  Between individual and family accountability and responsibility.  Between home and work joys and pressures.  Between our life now as human beings living in the “now” and what is going on outside of my view in the eternal perspective of the “not yet.”  Living in between these things is the stuff of life, in my opinion.  So, I’ll share and would love your contributions!

I would love to hear your feedback...