Going to California!

There is a pretty clear line drawn on my blog right now… my last blog post occurred in September, 2014. Why? On August 8 of last year, I said goodbye to an organization that had given me a chance to grow up and become a leader in a field that I really enjoy working in: Data Analytics. I was with my former employer for 16 years, and I could not have asked for a better group of leaders and co-workers.

But when I saw my opportunity to step out and start a new company, focusing intently on client service and agile project delivery, I could not pass it up. And things have been going pretty well. Starting your own business is not for the faint-of-heart, but it is a thrill nonetheless. And I could not ask for a better business partner than Will Harvey, our co-founder at Think Data Insights.

In our field there is an annual conference that tends to be “the place to be.” We were deciding whether we should go or not (you know… did the cost justify the value), when I decided I would submit an abstract for a topic to speak on. And it turned out they chose my topic! I’m so pumped! So, in mid-April, I’ll be travelling to Santa Clara, California, to attend an amazing conference and speak on the topic of “Prototyping Analytics”.

I wrote a blog on it if you are interested in more details.

I'm speaking at PASS BA Conference

I’m speaking at PASS BA Conference

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  1. Shaun Bowcaster April 10, 2015 8:34 am

    I was reading a review of yours on MS Power BI, do you have any idea if the DOMO solution is better or worth the expense?

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