Work: Miserable Job -Or- Opportunity To Serve?


Do you enjoy the work you do?  Do you find it sometimes challenging just to go in and do the same thing all over again, day after day?  Growing up there was a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial that often played about a donut maker who was always getting up to make the donuts. One night he “passes himself” coming and going. That is certainly what it has felt like lately for me.

I’ve also noticed lately that a number of people in and around my life have been posting and talking about various aspects of their jobs that they hate. While I can truly relate to the challenges of getting up and slogging it out at work sometimes, I find it genuinely disheartening to think that people do not enjoy getting up and doing what they do for a living. I have certainly had days that I didn’t enjoy, but by-and-large, I feel like I’ve been blessed to do what I love to do.

I recently left my employer after nearly 16 years of service and it has caused me to reflect on the many opportunities I have had over those years. It led me to step out on my own to start my own company, and for that, I am truly grateful. For more on that journey and what I’m doing with Think Data Insights, check out our website at We’re having an exciting time!

What I want to do here is present an opposing view of work for you to consider; a view that looks at our work not as a “job” (which seems to carry a VERY negative connotation with most people), but rather, something altogether different. What if our jobs weren’t really jobs at all, but rather places where we were able to serve people, make their lives better, make a living in the process, and… what if…

We found JOY in our work!

What if “job” were really a good word? What if one of our greatest callings here on earth is to “serve others”? How would that change our outlook?

An angry customer? Just someone having a bad day (that by the way, we have no idea what might be going on in their lives). Perhaps I can make their life better.

An extra or early shipment of inventory that I now have to stock that reminds me of all the screaming throngs of customers that may come soon to buy it? Perhaps I can be thankful that I live in a society where there is such demand for goods that allows me to have a job.

A co-worker not doing their job? Perhaps there is something going on in their life that I can minister to.

No salary increase this year? Perhaps the company is doing all they can to keep everyone employed. It is a good reminder that these business owners are people too, who have sacrificed a lot to provide jobs for their employees. They’re not the “evil rich people” many in our culture want to paint them to be.

So, what is stopping you today from enjoying your work? Better yet, what is stopping you from being a servant-hearted leader, employee, co-worker… even friend, husband, son, daughter? My challenge for me and to you my readers is to go and SERVE SOMEONE today.

I would love to hear your feedback...