Taking The Stairs

I am near the end of a very enjoyable and challenging book called Take The Stairs, by Rory Vaden.  With “7 Steps to Achieving True Success” as the subtitle, I knew I was in for an amazing ride.  Who would not want success?  And in only 7 steps, right?  I’m kind of a sucker for productivity and motivational books and speakers.  But I had been reading a number of Rory’s columns in our local newspaper, and I found them to be very insightful and inspiring.  So, I decided to take the plunge and buy the book.

No elevator to success

The theme of his book is simple:  We live in an escalator-mentality world, full of people, like you and me, who choose easy over rewarding, short-term pleasure over long-term fulfillment.  The solution?  Take the Stairs.  Not necessarily in an actual “take the stairs everywhere you go” kind of way (though more on that later).  But more of a Take the Stairs mindset.  A way of thinking about your world, your relationships, your job… really everything.  Doing the hard things that frankly, many people just don’t want to do.  Sometimes experiencing pain, discomfort, and “less” now, so that you can experience unbelievable freedom, satisfaction, and “fullness” later.

Now, here’s the good part.  Let me tell you what has happened since I’ve started reading Take the Stairs:

  1. I am literally “taking the stairs” every day at work now.  I work on the 3rd floor, and for the most part, I took the stairs down each day.  But I always take the stairs up now… always.
  2. I got my wife Carol to read this book.  Now, you have to understand.  She enjoys reading, but frankly, with the life and schedule demands she has on her, I don’t see when she could read.  And I’m the one with all of these great “idea” books I’m telling her about.  She picked this one up and we’re talking about the ideas… together!  It is amazing.
  3. I began a workout program in my home 2 weeks ago.  The full schedule of this Burst training routine is Mon, Tues… then off Wed, back on Thur, Fri, Sat… then off Sun.  I have completed 11 workouts in a row, according to the schedule.  I am feeling more fit by the day.  I LOVE IT!
  4. I have taken action on a few personal and work goals and am beginning to see things a little more clearly on next steps to take.  (That sounds vague, but I can’t really talk much about it right now).  Suffice to say, I am seeing fruit.
  5. I have seen various personal struggles with sin dissipate, being replaced with a joy and love for Christ.  Not perfected… but definitely in the right direction.

So, I want to encourage anyone who is tired of being average, living with an escalator, “Procrasti-nation” mindset… go take the stairs.  Whether you read the book or not.  Go do something on purpose… because it is hard and rewarding.  Your faith will grow.  Your confidence will grow.  And I think your desire and passion will grow.

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