Embracing my humanity (aka, the DOT)

Mall-You Are HereHave you ever been wandering around a mall and trying to figure out where a store is?  You finally find the map and you see the 100 stores that are at the mall and you’re trying to figure out where you are relative to those stores. What do you look for?  The DOT that tells you “you are here.”
I have been meeting with a mentor at church for the past 2 months and he is attempting to get a message across to me that I am starting to accept… no, embrace.  This is the idea of the DOT.  The DOT tells me where I am in the mall.  And in life, the DOT represents where I am, warts and all.  There is good in the DOT.  There are challenges in the DOT.  But regardless of what I feel about the DOT representing where I currently am, the DOT does not lie.  I am at… the DOT.
Now, in a mall, once I figure out where I am, I then have a decision to make.  Do I stay at the dot and complain about how far away from the anchor store I am going to?  Do I bemoan the fact that I parked so far away from the store I’m interested in, thinking all the while that I’ll have to walk all the way back here to get to my car?  I could.  And truth be told, I probably have at times.  But most of the time, I embrace the fact that I am where the dot tells me I am, and I map out where I need to walk to get to my desired destination.  Then, an interesting thing happens…  As I walk to my destination, I enjoy the journey.  I look at the stores (mostly electronics… again, I’m kind of a geek), I notice people, and I enjoy the walk there.
Then I ask myself… why can’t I do that in life?  My DOT in life is simply an indicator of where I am.  It does not define where I go from here.  It does not define who I am.  Now, I might feel good about my DOT some days because I’ve made great choices over a period of time.  Or I might feel bad about myself because I’ve struggled.  But moving from that place, forgetting the past, straining forward to what lies ahead… isn’t this what we’re supposed to be about?  Paul says in Philippians 3:13-14 “But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
In my previous 2 blogs on my humanity, I wrote about Accepting my humanity and Rejecting my Humanity.  But I think to fully “move forward”, I must embrace my humanity, surrender what I think my life should have been like and what I wish I was, and press on trusting Jesus and living in the joy He gives me.  I must love people and not be afraid to interact with the world. I must not only not be afraid of being human…  I must embrace being human.
So, one of my great desires in life is that I would live so free from the burdens of this world, live so content with life and God’s love for me, that people would ask me “what is different about you?”  And that my answer would simply be “Christ.”  Nothing I’ve done.  Just Christ.  So, I press on to make that truth my own as Paul says I should and enjoy the journey.

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